From couches to billboards

Why Pink Sweat$ is the artist you can not deny

The singer/songwriter from Philly, now based in New York, had no real aspirations of becoming a singer being that he started recording himself last year and admitting that the songs on his “Volume 1” record were meant for other artists, it’s a shocker that he has this much success and buzz in such a short time.

The only thing shorter than his rise in success may be the five track compilation he released Thursday, only spanning a little over 13 minutes, he leaves you wanting more…which I think was his plan. In an interview with Sweat$ revealed that this was indeed his aim for his first release leading into this new one stating that he wanted to make music for his time period comparing the length of jazz songs which would sometimes span the entire length of his EP.

“Progressively, with time, it changes. I feel like we are in a time where I want to make quality in the format…I feel like it’s a timepiece,”

In a way he is leading the charge of the short and sweet, compact masterpiece genre by getting straight to the point in each track letting the lyrics lead more than over the top vocals and heavy technical production. Avoiding going into intricate riffs and long drawn out bridges his smooth voices glides through each track soaring through falsettos without any effort. Volume two is somewhat of a love story where boy meet girl, they flirt, get closer, learn each other, then realizing that they don’t really know each other…

You know like the typical millennial dating scene?


While listening to the opening track, “I Know”, I envision this song is the part of the story where boy sees girl through a crowd of people and the fire in each others eyes calls their souls together like moths to a flame. Both diving into an uncertain love story on the crooner-esque delivery that Pink Sweat$ is giving us, giving us just enough to keep watching how events unfold. This leads us into his “Coke & Henney” series which he likens to a night out where two people start out as these fun-loving individuals only to be completely opposite of who they were earlier that night. Eventually after some time apart boy realizes he might indeed have feelings for girl in “Your Side” stating in the lyrics “I swear I’ll try to find someone else to love, but that kind of magic only exists between us” while staring at the side of the bed where she used to lay.

avatars-000590054646-d685ya-t500x500Time passes, and the feelings seem to still be as strong as ever in “Body ain’t Me” where he professes that while everything may be different he can’t stand the thought of her being with anyone else. The pain of heartache can be felt in the swooping up and slow descent of his beautiful falsettos entangling us with every word.All of this wrapped around acoustic instruments, including a table for percussion, makes this one of the most down to earth high quality collection thus far….and this isn’t even his full length album.Going from sleeping on friends couches to having his face on a billboards and his music climbing the charts we can’t wait to see where this modest, sleeping giant will go.SmartSelect_20190329-153627_Instagram.gif

Check him out also available on Apple Music

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