Solange “When I get home”…we just are not worthy

Solange shows that she is a true “Soul Angel” breathing a little life into our lives.

We have been given new life with the release of Solange’s masterpiece, When I Get Home, which was made available digitally around midnight. The anticipation for this album has been building every since she teased its release by reviving social media artifact Black Planet dropping stunning visuals giving us all clues to the upcoming project. She then took a step further in a shout out to other Houston native and rapper, Mike Jones, on social media quoting the famous “281 330 8004” line from his classic hit “Back then” which if called gives you a snippet of her new music.

(We can’t get enough of the time and planning put into this…how do you even get a hold of a number that old?)

All of this and we still have gotten into the music which as we speak we’re jamming taking notes for the more indepth piece our team is putting together. This far we can tell in each track how much time and thought that was put into every note as we are instantly transported on journey of self realization, love, and wonder. Its aura lifting compilation of tone and vibes that is sure to send the sould ascending to higher heights.

The 19 track collection features nearly a dozen artists and samples from H-Town legends such as Debbie Allen, Phylicia Rashad, Pat Parker, and Scarface. The variety in her ensemble of artists blends and melds perfectly creating a unique sound that is totally her own.

This is a beautiful follow up to her critically acclaimed “A Seat at the Table” that has a similar feel and tone. While there similarities in the work there are significant differences in them both which set them apart from one another yet not so different that they depart from the eccentricity that is Solange.

I’m certain that we can expect more captivating visuals such as her Gramny Award winning performance of “Cranes in the Sky” that showcases her as an all around creative worthy of her being featured in The Guggenheim museum.

We are bursting at the seams and can harldy wait to receive even more life from this album…our bodies are indeed ready!

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