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A review of Oxnard by Anderson .Paak

fD6HLXhAnderson .Paak may have opened a headway for one of the grooviest albums of 2018 in Oxnard, named for his home city. This being his third studio album captures tales from his ventures in Oxnard, political views, the life in the light of a known artist and his desires for future endeavors.

.Paak has been known for his creative linguistics and neo soul/funk type vibe. The project starts off with a quick interlude style, singing track in “The Chase.” This track takes the first leg giving a little taste of everything letting the listener know what to expect from the remainder of the album.

Again, the first track is an interlude track but it sets a good pace for “Headlow.” This is where you can tell Paak had tapped into his more creative side in sharing his love for getting a little ‘car head’ (felacio for those who aren’t aware) that ultimately ended in a car crash.

The track itself is definitely a groove. It’s harmonic vocals definitely set a melodic treat to the ears.

“Tints,”which is .Paak’s first released song, of course takes the baton with its groovy styling featuring rapper Kendrick Lamar giving you get a glimpse of why some artist work so hard for to protect their privacy. Just the flow Kendrick Lamar gives the track that extra ‘UMPH’ of listen to me and dance.

For the most part it jams as expected though.

The second leg is run by the song “Who R U?”, which seems like the track that helps him remember his swagger, if that makes sense. Added it shows a bit of boastfulness to help the image that he has done the work to be considered an artist with some substance. “6 summers” shows a bit of his political views towards our current president and also the idea that he has about our society today.

anderson-paak-press-1200x632.Paak alludes to the peril of today’s world being the way it is due to the lack of change in society. The drum beat sounds fairly similar to that of a west coast track. “Savier Road” is a bit of timeline life track, it kinda grooves but it’s not unforgettable. “Smile/Petty” is another one of those not unforgettable tracks. Can’t take away from its cool nature though, it’s a pretty laid-back song. Sonyae Elise gives a pretty sound in the background. It’s one of those tracks from back in the day (that’s the 90s for me) on how frustrating relationships can be.

“Mansa Musa” is one of those true Dr. Dre type joints, that also features the producer and artist along with Cocoa Sarai. It’s also another piece of art with a lot of rapping from .Paak. Not that it’s bad he’s been doing it since being known as Breezy LoveJoy. It wasn’t a favorite of mine then either. “Brother’s Keeper” is more of an ‘Eh’ type of track. Thanks to Paak’s voice it’s still captivating. Then there’s the master of petty in 2018 Pusha T on the track.

“Anywhere” is another track that features a west coast legend Uncle Snoop.

They’re also accompanied by “The Last Artful Dodgr”. I could say this track is one of those summer time just because drive grooves.

Honestly by the time you get to track 11 you can tell Paak spared no expense on the caliber of artistry. “Trippy” is the track that encompasses his smooth style. Only right it features J. Cole. Both “Trippy” and “Cheers” (the following track) grabs the style of the artist they feature. “Sweet chick” is significantly differently, featuring, BJ The Chicago Kid, the mix of vocals accompanied by a rooftop bar track, I would say it’s cool.  The last track “Left To Right” holds down the anchor spot and quite frankly is right where it needs to be on the album. Not exactly a track I’d want to listen to regularly, starts off too slow and he also does this, island accent thing.

The album I’d say overall jams. With a set of unknown and known artist, some great some mediocre. But the creativity added to the album makes for a nice balanced piece of work by Mr. .Paak.

I give it 8 out of 10 Gumbo bowls.

Check it out for yourself.

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